Town of Howard Cemetery Map
  1. Greenville: On north side of County Route 6 (Neil’s Creek Road), just west of Greenville Road and 3.6 miles west from County Route 415, up on a hill, near Howard, Avoca and Cohocton town lines.
  2. Allen: On west side of County Route 70 between Miller Road and Avery Road.
  3. Smith Pond: On west side of Mackey Road a short distance north of Smith Pond near Howard and Avoca town line.
  4. Howard/Mt. Pleasant: On south side of County Route 70A east of Howard Center.
  5. McConnell: On County Route 27 south of Howard Center (no stones).
  6. Johnson: On south side of County Route 109 (Turnpike Road) between South Woods Road and Smith Road.
  7. Meeks/Burt Hill: On east side of Burt Hill Road just north of Carter Road.
  8. Van Delinder: From County Route 69 south of Buena Vista, turn east on County Route 14 and take first left (a farm road) back into the woods. Cemetery is on left side of farm road.
  9. Rice: On southeast corner of McChesney Road and Hopper Road, north of Towlesville Center.
  10. Fairview/New Towlesville: On west side of McChesney Road north of Towlesville Center.
  11. Old Towlesville: On east side of McChesney Road, north of Towlesville Center and south of Fairview Cemetery.
  12. Dublin: On north side of County Route 69, 4 miles south of Towlesville Center and just east of junction with Dublin Road.
  13. White: At southeast corner of junction of White Road and Stone School Road, 0.6 miles off County Route 14,
  14. Shearer: On west side of Nicholson Road 0.2 miles north of County Route 14.
  15. Goff: On County Route 70A on southwest corner of junction with Harris Hill Road on top of the hill.
  16. Whiting: On east side of County Route 69 abpit 0.2 miles south from Towlesville Center in field some distance back of farmhouse.
  17. Dunham: On north side of Buena Vista Road 0.1 miles from junction with County Route 14, approximately 70 yards off road along edge of woods, not visible from the road, badly overgrown, stones are broken and flat in the ground.
  18. Merrill/Parkhill: On south side of County Route 6 (Neil’s Creek Road) opposite Pawling Road on Howard/Cohocton town line. 4.6 miles west from County Route 415.